March 2011 Recap

This year, I embarked on a Shopping Ban and allowed myself 3 exceptions.  To read more about my shopping ban, please refer to this post, and this post.  I will write a separate post on my first month of shopping ban, but for now, let’s move on to my spending re-cap.

Income: $3,334.00

Spending: $1,387.83

This month was over my $1,000 budget, and over my March budget!  The only reason it looks like I am just over, is because BF and I didn’t actually go on our weekend away ($300), so it’s actually worse than it looks. Definitely, no reward for thrift shopping 😦

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went:

On or under budget

Clothes: Success!  Although, I did buy a pot and some storage/organizing boxes (see Misc) below.  I am not doing a “No Spending” challenge, but I need to be careful that I don’t start substituting clothes with pots and pans!

Over budget

Eating Out: This is such a weakness for me, but and as I alluded to in my spending recap, this month, I have been spending a lot of time meeting up with friends, and family over yummy food.  I’m debating if I should increase my budget to $175 – $200, since that is more reasonable for me.

Electronics: Magic Bullet was a little more than I thought. No biggie.

Gifts: I decided to go out and buy a nice gift for my co-worker going on maternity leave.  She is super nice, and I just wanted to show her I appreciated her kind gestures.

Groceries: I did some stocking up this month on sauces and other non perishables.

Medical: I went for 2 massages this month, and I went to see my dermatologist and refilled my prescriptions.

Misc: I bought a dutch over and some clear shoe boxes for organizing my cupboards and closets.  I also renewed my allegiance to the office lottery pool.

Toiletries/Grooming: I re-filled my blotting powder, moisturizer and got myself a dry shampoo to try out.  Will do a review when I get a chance!

Entertainment and Recreation: I paid for my volleyball league fee’s (again).

Transportation: I spent a little extra getting to Hamilton for a weekend trip. About $25, so that would account for the discrepancy.  Must account for these things in my budget, next time!

Here is my net worth:

Spending Recap in Google Calender

When I first posted my spending recap, Investing Newbie commented

I can confidently say that there are no days that I don’t spend. I don’t know. I feel like in NYC, if you breathe, you spend about 10 bux. Maybe if I invested a bit of energy, I could actually not spend anything…

And after seeing my spending tracked on my calender, I agree completely.  There were only 5 days that I didn’t spend any money.  Usually those days, I’d go to work and come home.  Although there were days where I spent $0.80 and still counted that as a “spending day.”

Even though, I think I like looking at the bigger picture, but all these little spending add up!


Overall, I am okay with this month’s outcome.  I went over budget, and over spent in almost every category (which is a little depressing), but I was able to stick to my shopping ban and I increased my net worth by 2%!

Note to self: budget better!

Will post a April budget and a goal recap, soon.

How was your spending in March?  Did you meet your budget and goals?



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10 responses to “March 2011 Recap

  1. Aww, thanks for the link back! I’m trying to be a bit more conscious about my spending especially since I have a trip coming up later on this year.

  2. I love love love dry shampoo. It works great on my fine hair and is handy for traveling. Good job on increasing your net worth and using Google Calendar to track your spending! I find the trickiest part of budgeting is trying to account for everything – there’s so many things to spend money on.

  3. Wow, $1387.83 a month is amazing. I dream of that. My mortgage alone is $1200. I’m also really impressed that you spent $166 on groceries. You’re my idol!! My budget is $300/month and I’m constantly going over.

    Thanks for giving me inspiration!

  4. Well, a lot of those transactions are groceries, so don’t feel too bad!

    I definitely would find it hard to have as many no spend days as some bloggers (groceries/petrol/bus passes are bought weekly, rent fortnightly, bills paid when they arrive, so that’s another 2-3 days already just on the necessaries). But otherwise, I’m pretty good with avoiding impulse spends.

  5. I don’t have many no spend days either. It’s not like I’m going out shopping every single day or I’m massively exceeding my budget but for some reason every day I buy something!

  6. I clearly did NOT meet my goals. LOL 🙂

    $1000 is a nice easy benchmark for me to strive towards, but then it was pills, shopping *guilty look*…

    April is better only because I have to pay taxes so I feel the extra hard pinch in wanting to NOT screw up

  7. I got the magic bullet too 🙂 how do you like it?

    Happy birthday this month!

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