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March 2011 Recap

This year, I embarked on a Shopping Ban and allowed myself 3 exceptions.  To read more about my shopping ban, please refer to this post, and this post.  I will write a separate post on my first month of shopping ban, but for now, let’s move on to my spending re-cap.

Income: $3,334.00

Spending: $1,387.83

This month was over my $1,000 budget, and over my March budget!  The only reason it looks like I am just over, is because BF and I didn’t actually go on our weekend away ($300), so it’s actually worse than it looks. Definitely, no reward for thrift shopping 😦

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Here’s where the money went:

On or under budget

Clothes: Success!  Although, I did buy a pot and some storage/organizing boxes (see Misc) below.  I am not doing a “No Spending” challenge, but I need to be careful that I don’t start substituting clothes with pots and pans!

Over budget

Eating Out: This is such a weakness for me, but and as I alluded to in my spending recap, this month, I have been spending a lot of time meeting up with friends, and family over yummy food.  I’m debating if I should increase my budget to $175 – $200, since that is more reasonable for me.

Electronics: Magic Bullet was a little more than I thought. No biggie.

Gifts: I decided to go out and buy a nice gift for my co-worker going on maternity leave.  She is super nice, and I just wanted to show her I appreciated her kind gestures.

Groceries: I did some stocking up this month on sauces and other non perishables.

Medical: I went for 2 massages this month, and I went to see my dermatologist and refilled my prescriptions.

Misc: I bought a dutch over and some clear shoe boxes for organizing my cupboards and closets.  I also renewed my allegiance to the office lottery pool.

Toiletries/Grooming: I re-filled my blotting powder, moisturizer and got myself a dry shampoo to try out.  Will do a review when I get a chance!

Entertainment and Recreation: I paid for my volleyball league fee’s (again).

Transportation: I spent a little extra getting to Hamilton for a weekend trip. About $25, so that would account for the discrepancy.  Must account for these things in my budget, next time!

Here is my net worth:

Spending Recap in Google Calender

When I first posted my spending recap, Investing Newbie commented

I can confidently say that there are no days that I don’t spend. I don’t know. I feel like in NYC, if you breathe, you spend about 10 bux. Maybe if I invested a bit of energy, I could actually not spend anything…

And after seeing my spending tracked on my calender, I agree completely.  There were only 5 days that I didn’t spend any money.  Usually those days, I’d go to work and come home.  Although there were days where I spent $0.80 and still counted that as a “spending day.”

Even though, I think I like looking at the bigger picture, but all these little spending add up!


Overall, I am okay with this month’s outcome.  I went over budget, and over spent in almost every category (which is a little depressing), but I was able to stick to my shopping ban and I increased my net worth by 2%!

Note to self: budget better!

Will post a April budget and a goal recap, soon.

How was your spending in March?  Did you meet your budget and goals?



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