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This post is neither related to finance or frugal related.  So feel free to skip ahead if that’s what you’re after.  However, if you’re up for some nostalgic musing, this may be right for you.

Like many bloggers out there, this isn’t my first blog.  Nor will it be my last, I’m sure.  I write about the moment and different stages in my life.  Right now, being fabulously frugal has been weighing heavy on my mind, and I share those thoughts here.


Writing has always been an outlet for me.  It started in middle school, through letters and notes with friends.  Then, a diary in the harsh days of high school.  Then in the form of  a blog through college.  Then in various blogs while I went through various stages of my life after college.

Blogging is a creative outlet for me.  Instead of having all these thoughts in my head, I can sort through them using my writing.  And later, I get to look back on in it.  I haven’t been visited my old blogs in a while, and when I did last week, it was very nostalgic, and also heart warming.  It was very interesting seeing my writing mature and (mostly) get better.

A Special Post

One particular post struck a chord with me (again).

It was inspired by a drive down a road during a beautiful autumn day.  All the leaves seemed to sync to the perfect shades of gold and red.  It was like magic (despite knowing the chemistry behind it).

In my post, I wrote about believing in “magic” in a day and age where it seems that some sort of statistic can be calculated for everything – from divorce rates to getting hit by lightening.    Growing up, many of us  lose the sense of magic that we once believed it.  Whether it be our first heart break, a family hardship, or a dream that wasn’t quite meant to be – we get a taste of a (sometimes) bitter reality.

What I realized was instead of the “magic” of Prince Charming(s)  (there is more than one, right?), and fairy tales, I learned about the magic of friendship, of love, of forgiveness, of nature and of compassion, as I grew older.  I realized that I still believe in magic, only this time, I knew it was real.

Turning Point

I realize now this was a turning point in my young life.  It was approximately 2 years ago (prior to writing that post), that my heart was broken into approximately a million pieces.  The journey I embarked on – from crying in the laboratory washroom floor to my bff –  to believing in magic while driving down a freeway,  was a long one. Between indulging in too many sports, traveling to the other side of the world, eating too much ice cream, and spending time with my family and friends, I found magic, again.

The magic to move on, to forgive us both, and to be happy.

A month later, I went on my first date with BF and the rest is history.  I guess the universe knew when I was ready 🙂

Do you have old blogs?  How have you grown through your blogs?



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