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Review: Magic Bullet

Remember how I talked about getting a Magic Bullet in my March Budget?  I’ve actually been thinking about getting it since last November but I kept waiting for it to go on sale.  But since it seems to refuse to, I decided to just fork over the $39.99 + taxes for it.

Why I Wanted One

I am not a morning person.  I have to pack my lunch and my overnight bag (if needed), the night before, because in the mornings, I am a zombie.  Until I have my shower.  And after my shower, I’m out the door.

My breakfasts aren’t the greatest things in the world, is putting it lightly.  Usually it consist of toast and peanut butter.  Not very nutritious, and definitely not very filling.  I am usually hungry by before 11:00am.  I also don’t really eat enough fruits.  And like almost every other North American, I never feel like I have enough time in the morning.

So, I decided a Magic Bullet would be a great addition to my home. I imagined I would prepare my cut fruit and whatever mix is required in a smoothie the night before, and then in the morning after my shower, ZAP ZAP (10 seconds is all I need, right?), and my smoothie is ready.  I don’t need to wash a blender, just put on a lid and go.  (I do rinse the blade right after).

My Magic Bullets

In reality, my first Magic Bullet was defective.  It didn’t even cut a straw berry!!  And then the blade fell off!!  I was fuming.  I spent all that time, cleaning my cups and lids with a huge grin on my face and my Magic Bullet (MB)was a big fail.  The dramatic side of my wanted to bring the magic bullet – failed smoothie and all – back to the store demand a full refund.

The realistic side of me, poured out my unblended smoothie mixture in a cup, and rinsed the MB cup I used, and put everything back in the box.

I listened to my realistic side and exchanged my Magic Bullet – without yelling at anyone.  So, readers, please beware of the possibility of defective ones.  I read about one during my research, but I never thought it would happen to me.  Two of my friends have the Magic Bullet and have no complaints.


I haven’t tried making anything else but smoothies, so I can’t comment too much on anything else.  My new Magic Bullet works great.  It’s just as I imagined, and I have been having much more nutritious breakfasts this week.  I usually have about 2/3 of my smoothie for breakfast, and save the rest for an afternoon pick-me-up.

I highly recommend this Magic Bullet as a great time saver and smoothie maker.  It’s easy to use, easy to clean up, and very efficient.  You only dirty up one cup, and you can use the same cup to prep and drink out of.

Has anyone tried the Magic Bullet?  Any positive or negative experience my readers would like to share?



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