Shopping Ban: Temptations


Like I mentioned in my earlier posts, my number one tip for staying  within my shopping ban is to avoid malls.  I am a total sucker for sales (it’s in my genes, k?) and great bargains.  And for some reason, they always seem to find me when I’m not looking for them.

When my blotting powder was finished last week, I made went straight to the MAC counter asked for my blotting powder (I get medium dark), and got the heck out.  I had my “shopping defense” up, and was determined not to sway from my shopping ban.  I felt pretty darn good.

However, this weekend, when I ventured into the Eaton Centre with my girlfriend, after an amazing lunch of delicious Korean pork bone soup – I almost gave into temptation.  I was an inch from the edge of falling off my shopping ban cliff.  One inch.  *cue melodramatic music, please*

The culprit, you ask?  The Body Shop (TBS).

I think this is mainly due to not having my “shopping defense” up.  (Yes, that is my excuse).  I was browsing for a gift for my co-worker who was on maternity leave.  I wanted to get her an “at home spa basket” so she could enjoy a little “me time” after she has her baby.

There were some great deals the weekend of March 19th & 20th.  TBS was celebrating 30 years or something.  I got my co-worker her gift.  Then, my eyes started to wander…. to the 50% off any one make-up item.

I’ve been using this little kobuki brush I got from a random dollar store, which works fine – but TBS brushes are so soft… and at half off, they are $24 only $12!  My TBS liquid eye liner hadn’t died yet, but I’ve had it for about 2 years…. and at half off, they are $14 only $7.  And just as I was trying to decide which item to keep, the sales associate kindly offered to give me the 50% off both items.  One inch from the edge, I tell you!

But I used my last ounce of strength to put down both items, paid for my friend’s gift, and literally ran out the store.  Then, I explained to my girl friend why I had to stay out of malls.  It’s because I am weak, dear readers.  I am weak.  But, my girl friend is the greatest, because even when I debated going back and begging asking for the deal, she reminded me that I am on a shopping ban, and I did not need a make-up brush.  My friends are awesome :).

For those readers who are currently on shopping bans, have you had any close calls lately?  How do you deal with temptations?



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8 responses to “Shopping Ban: Temptations

  1. YES! Lots of close calls… I justify my close calls b/c things are on sale! 🙂 I’m proud of how I have done. The 2 things I have bought in the past month(I wasn’t supposed to buy ANYTHING) were Christmas presents. I always do my shopping early and frankly if I hadn’t bought them I would have spent more money later on in the year… so not too shabby!

  2. Ruth

    I did a shopping ban last year…you eventually get used to walking into a mall/store and walking out with nothing. Last time I was at Eaton’s centre I spent 3hours wandering into every store and came out with nothing…I really did have the intention of buying something…anything (I had a gift card to splurge)…so I went to Tim’s and bought a tea instead…didn’t use the gift card, but at least they don’t expire now…maybe I’ll re-gift.

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  4. Ann

    Wow, nicely done! I think maybe I need to always have a Frugal Companion with me… I can’t be trusted in malls (or cute boutique shopping areas) unescorted. My shopping defences need to be carefully developed before I can venture out on my own… In the past two weeks, I bought a skirt, workout clothes, and an illicit Starbucks chai tea latte when I went out without a shopping list, budget, and was hungry.

  5. I have a friend at work who knows I’m saving right now, the other day I was going to the vending machine to buy a diet coke and she looked at me and said “do you really need that”. I laughed and sat back down at my desk, but it was great to have some support and a back up when I wasn’t really thinking of my budget and just thinking of my taste buds.

  6. I’m not on a shopping ban, but I know what you go through. If I don’t talk myself out of it, I will literally shop til I drop. That’s why when I go shopping, however infrequently, I usually buy a lot and then thats it. Another thing I’ve taken to doing is to work for something I want. In one case, in order to buy my Hunter Boots, I had to go to the gym for a month!

  7. Good for you Frugirl! I am all for keeping away or walking away, it certainly works for me. Having a friend to keep you on the straight and narrow is always helpful. I am usually that friend for my friends. Although I think they probably call me the Shopping Nazi behind my back. 😆

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