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Shopping Ban: February Success!

This year, I decided to embark on a self-imposed shopping ban.  You can read more details about it here, and here and my January update here.  To sum it up, no shopping for clothes, jewelry and make-up for a whole year.  I am allowed 3 exceptions, including a pair of black boots, an iTouch, and a winter jacket.  This challenge is to help me shop my own closet, and be more creative with making items, and re-using items.  I am also allowed to shop at thrift stores with my “reward” money ($25) for staying within my $1,000 monthly budget.  This is my monthly update.

Ladies, this was a success!  I am so glad that February was a short month, having this month under my belt is giving me a lot of confidence.  I stayed away from malls – except to exchange a pair of running shoes I got during Christmas (which kinda felt like shopping, but without spending money.  I hope that’s not cheating.)

I also stayed under my $1,000 monthly budget in February, and so I get rewarded with $25 to spend at a thrift shop.  I haven’t been, yet.  But I’m really excited about it :).  Does anyone have recommendation for thrift shops in the Toronto area?

I’ve also compiled a list of shopping banners, to keep one another motivated.  I’ll link to them in this post, and if you’d like, send me your updates and I can link there here, as well!

Please let me know if I’ve missed anyone, or if you’d like to be added to the list!  Just send me an e-mail or leave a comment.

Pep talk:  Ladies, we can do this!  March is a great time to start re-mixing some of our favourite winter clothes, since it will be a whole two (or three) seasons until we see them again.  It’s also never too early to start thinking about how we can re-mix winter and summer clothes for some creative spring outfits!  We can do it 😉



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