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February 2011 Recap

This year, I embarked on a Shopping Ban and allowed myself 3 exceptions.  To read more about my shopping ban, please refer to this post, and this post.  I will write a separate post on my first month of shopping ban, but for now, let’s move on to my spending re-cap.

Income: $3,384.94

Spending: $957.51

This month was under my $1,000 budget (but over my actual budget)!  For some reason, this weekend, I thought I had $6 left in my budget to carry me through, and BF and I resorted to frugal habits, such as walking to a house party and back instead of taking a cab.  Now I get my $25 reward for thrift shopping 🙂

Update: As you can see in the chart below, I am actually over budget, but I meant that I was under my $1,000 monthly budget.  I’ve changed the text accordingly, so it’s clear.

Here’s where the money went:

On or under budget

Clothes: Success!

Transportation: This could have been a bit lower (in fact, $18.62 lower), but I returned a rental car for work late and had to eat the cost.  Traffic in the City is sure expensive.  Drats!

Over budget

Eating Out: This is such a weakness for me, but at least I’m getting closer to my budget.

Toiletries/Grooming: Got my eyebrows done since I’m not sure when my next opportunity will be.

Entertainment and Recreation: I paid for my volleyball league fee’s and went on an unexpected cottage weekend trip.

Here is my net worth:


Overall, I am very pleased with this month’s outcome.  I went over budget but came under my $1,000 monthly budget goal and I was able to stick to my shopping ban!  I like short months :).  I’ve crunched the numbers, and I think I can come really close to a net worth of $100,000 by the end of this year.  Eeeek!  I’m so excited!

I’ve done my preliminary taxes (by hand, of course), and will be checking them against my electronic file.  I hope to be getting a return of about $1,500.  Not sure how I’m going to divvy up my little pot of gold, yet.

March is going to be an over $1,000 budget month.  BF and I have been discussing a little winter ski trip (more on that later), and I will be going skiing with my company for a day (need rentals and pay back co-workers for gas).  I also need to pay up another set of vball league fee’s.  Will post a March budget soon.

How was your spending in February?  Did you meet your budget and goals?



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