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Link Love: Rising Above Poverty


Last week in the pf blogosphere, I was truly humbled and inspired by so many of the strong and lovely pf ladies who shared their story of how they grew up.  One thing we all had in common was having extremely hardworking and determined immigrant parents, who sacrificed so that we would be able to live a better life.

Revanche from A Gai Shan Life shares her story of Generational Poverty.  Revanche’s mom grew up poor in Vietnam and had to take care of her younger siblings when she was only a child herself.  Her parents immigrate, worked very hard and many sacrifices – one of them being her mother’s health.  Revanche worked full time and studied full time during college to help pay bills.  She never wants for her mother or her family to go back to living in poverty.  Truly a beautiful story.

Sandy from Yes, I am Cheap shares her story of Growing Up Poor and Surviving.  Sandy grew up in a house with her mother, brother, grandmother and 6 male cousins.  She wore hand-me-downs that had gone through at least 2 cousins.  When her running shoes had holes in them, she plugged them up with cardboard and keep wearing them.  At the end of the day, she realizes that growing up poor in the U.S. is entirely different than growing up poor in other countries.  She tells a truly remarkable story.

Daisy from Add Vodka shares her story in two parts, From Rags to Riches (part 1) and Family Drama (part 2).  Daisy grew up in a turbulent environment, but her mother was able to rise above her surroundings and give Daisy and her brother a better life, by using credit and making sacrifices for herself.  Her mother cut her own hair by putting a piece of tape at the end and cutting across.  Another amazing story of the sacrifices of our parents, so that their children can have a better life.

I hope these amazing stories inspire each one of us to look back on our own lives, and be thankful for the people who have helped us along the way.



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