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Groupon Newbie Fun Fact & Happy Weekend


This weekend in Canada is a long weekend.  Happy Family Day to all Canadians.  Happy President’s Day to all Americans.  And Happy weekend to everyone else. 🙂

Update: I should really get my statutory holidays straight before wishing the entire country a Happy Family Day weekend when it only applies to certain provinces and territories.  Thanks to p sheehan for pointing this out! (I get a little too excited for long weekends!).

So, Happy Family Day weekend to Canadians in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island (from Wikipedia). Happy Presidents’ Day, or President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday to my American readers.  And I happy weekend to everyone else.  Cheers 🙂

My co-worker and I were reading an article in the Globe and Mail about Groupon.  One of my other co-workers chimed in made such a funny comment, I just had to share it.

Co-worker A: What’s a Groupon?

Me & Co-worker B: It’s a discount you get when you buy a gift card or sign up for a service in a big group.  For instance, they may sell a $40 voucher for a restaurant for $20, but there must be a minimum group of 50 people to buy it.

Co-worker B: Do you have to go to dinner with 50 random strangers?

Me & Co-worker B had a chuckle and explained to him that we just had to buy the voucher before the deadline, but we don’t need go together.  I guess we weren’t too clear in our explanation. 🙂

I also wrote a post on my thoughts on Groupon a while back.  Check it out here.

Any funny stories to share, readers?


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