February Goal: File 2010 Taxes

This year, I plan on completing my 2010 taxes by the end of February.  I am hoping for a tax return, and by getting them done early, the earlier I can get my money back and make it work for me.

For as long as I can remember, I have always done my taxes by hand.  Ancient, I know, but that’s the way that I know how to do it.  When I was little, my dad would make my sisters and I do our taxes, and he would check them – like homework.

So last year, when I attempted to use the an electronic tax software, I was overwhelmed that it only took mt 20 minutes to complete, as opposed to the usual 3 hours.  I am a little embarrassed to admit it, but I actually didn’t believe the electronic file, and I completed my taxes by hand and sent those in.

This year, I’d like to take another stab at electronic filing.  I will still complete my taxes by hand first (because it makes me feel more comfortable), and then I will file electronically.  That way, it will be a check, and I will (hopefully) feel much better about filing electronically in the future.

Will report back once I am done!

Readers, do you file your own taxes?  Do you file them electronically, or do you do them by hand, like me?






Photo source: http://alanadawes.com/capital/?p=taxes-online



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6 responses to “February Goal: File 2010 Taxes

  1. Kayla

    I haven’t done my taxes yet ever, but this year I am doing it electronically, but since it’s my first time filing, I have to send it in by mail.

    I’m the opposite of you, I fear that I will mess up if I do it by hand. :\

  2. Electronically is the only way I know how to! I wish I knew how to do it by hand but it seems intimidating…

  3. Electronic. I did mine by hand for years before I started on electronic about 4 years ago, and now I just import the file from last year, add in my info from this year, save a PDF of the final, and submit it online with a mailed payment.

    SO. EASY.

    I love UFile.

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