January Recap

This January, I embarked on a Shopping Ban and allowed myself 3 exceptions.  To read more about my shopping ban, please refer to this post, and this post.  I will write a separate post on my first month of shopping ban, but for now, let’s move on to my spending re-cap.

Income: $3,351.94

Spending: $1,339.89

This month was a quasi expensive month.  It was BF’s birthday, I bought some gifts and some misc. items came up.

Here’s where the money went:

Clothes: I committed the first mistake of being on a shopping ban: venturing into a mall.  I went to the mall to exchange the long down jacket for a size to fit my mom, since I decided not to keep it for myself.  While doing so, I also found a pair of flat leather boots for myself, a nice bra, and a belt (for only $8!).  I know, I slapped my own wrists when I got home, but a pair of flat boots was something I allowed myself.  And I have really wanted a nice bra since… forever. 🙂 In February, there should be$0 under this category!

Gifts: Mostly a mish mash of birthday and Valentine’s gift, and cards for BF.  I also send a bouquet of Edible Arrangements to the nice lady who found my cell phone in a random parking lot, and let me know.  Aren’t nice people awesome?

Toiletries/Grooming: I found out if I pay cash at my stylist, they don’t charge me tax!  My haircuts are usually $60 before tax.

Here is my net worth:


Overall, I am very pleased with this month’s outcome.  I came pretty close to my January budget (though not my $1,000 budget), if I only I hadn’t gone over my clothing!

My goal for February is to have my taxes completed.  I hope to be getting a tax return, and want to send my return in before the rush so that I get my money in my bank account as soon as possible.

How was your spending in January?  Did you meet your budget and goals?



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2 responses to “January Recap

  1. My spending in January was the best ever! I only recently started budgetting in November, because it finally dawned on me that I should save for a house. Before then I was spending money like water (like $800/mo on just clothes)…well I spent money like water that month and also December…le sigh…

    Anyway, I did great in January. My budget is far from tight, but I’m still proud of myself. I only went over $85, but at the same time increased my net worth by $3000!

    Congrats to you too! BTW, shopping and ban do not belong in the same sentence!

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