500 Things Challenge: January 1st to 17th

In my journey to a more minimalistic lifestyle, I am embarking on a 500 Things Challenge.  This challenge may eventually become the 1,000 Things Challenge – depending on my de-cluttering itch.  Basically, this year, I will try to get rid of 500 items from my home.  I gift these items to friends, return them to their rightful owners, donate them to charity or trash.  I am keeping a list to be accountable and I will keep adding to this list throughout the year.

500 Things Challenge Item List

  1. skinny, white scarf
  2. kitchen wall clock
  3. black top
  4. jeans
  5. jeans
  6. pajamas pants
  7. nail clippers
  8. “Start Late, Finish Rich” by David Bach
  9. Chinese cd
  10. Chinese cd
  11. Chinese cd
  12. Chinese cd
  13. Chinese cd
  14. Chinese cd
  15. Chinese cd
  16. Chinese cd
  17. Chinese cd
  18. Chinese cd
  19. body pillow
  20. picture frame
  21. green sweater
  22. poker chips set
  23. build-a-bear t-shirt
  24. white tank top
  25. blue flowery tank top
  26. blue cropped cardigan
  27. black & white flowered top
  28. old skinny jeans
  29. black backpack
  30. car
  31. Esprit long winter jacket

How are your new year goals and resoluations coming along?



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10 responses to “500 Things Challenge: January 1st to 17th

  1. Car?!?! thats a big one! I like this goal, it’s really attainable and trackable. Good job!

  2. Great job!! Wow! My goals are going slowly… lol! I need to bump up my 100 items list too…

  3. Why 500 items? 🙂 Just curious…

  4. Kim

    I want to do this too. But I already sorted out three huge bags of clothes for donation and am too lazy to count them individually. Maybe I’ll have a “10 piles” challenge!

  5. I love how you threw your car there, almost as though it was an afterthought and not a huge change!

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