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Dressing for the Holiday Season

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It’s getting close to that time of the year again, where we need to glam it up for holiday parties and work functions.    The Holiday Ball where I work is tres fancy.  I also own a total of 2 fancy dresses in my closet.  My green Chinese dress (ki pao), and a black strapless dress.

Some of  my colleagues were excited to be getting a whole new outfit for the Ball.  They said there weren’t that many occasions where we can go out and get a new dress with new shoes and hand bag.  I don’t share her views.

Here are my suggestions on how to best find an outfit for the Holiday Season – while looking great and not breaking the bank.

Low Cost per Wear:

Since wearing a fancy dress/outfit is limited to a holiday party or maybe a wedding, the cost per wear for a fancy dress is very high (> $25).  I want the dress to be conservative to wear to most work/wedding functions, and versatile so it may be dressed up or down with accessories.  I am also learning that I usually get what I pay for, and sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little more for better quality items.  The upset amount I would spend is $150, ideally under $100.

Borrow or Swap Dresses:

Luckily, I have 2 sisters and a few girlfriends who are a similar size to me.  We’ve swapped dresses for graduations, weddings, parties, etc.  It’s great, because we get a completely new look without spending any money.  One thing to keep in mind is to be very careful to not damage the dress.  Spilling red wine on a borrowed dress, may ruin the dress, and the chances of you borrowing anything further.

Be Creative:

Try giving a twist to the outfit by dressing it up or down with accessories.  A shawl or a statement necklace can completely change the look of an outfit.  I’ve also paired a top tucked into a skirt for the look of a block dress – this can have endless options, and also be changed up with accessories.  Check out vintage stores, and pair vintage items with modern items for classic twist.

Q: Is it Taboo to Wear the Same Dress?

This is something that I’m debating.  I’ve been told by several girlfriends that it is completely taboo to wear the same dress to a function where the people there have seen you in that dress before.  For instance, I wore my black strapless dress to a wedding this summer for a co-worker (only about 5 people from my firm were there).  I thought this would be a great dress for the Holiday Ball paired with a nice (and different) shawl.  Thoughts?

What are some of your holiday dress tips?  Would you feel uncomfortable wearing the same dress to an event where your colleagues have already seen the outfit?


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