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Hello world!

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Welcome to my blog.

I am a twenty-something girl on my journey to financial freedom.  I tested the waters of personal finance not long after starting my first full-time job after college and have been hooked ever since.  I have been reading so many inspiring writers on their financial journey for the past two years, that I took the plunge and started my own blog to track my progress.  I’m hoping this blog will also serve as a motivator, and a place for me to speak my mind about money and my life.

I am also an aspiring minimalist, and hope to share some of my experiences in minimalism on this blog, as well.  To me, minimalism and personal finance go hand in hand.  I first contemplated “minimalism” when I tried to continue living like a student, even after my college days.   I saw it as a great way to save money, and through that experience, I realize that I don’t need much to keep me happy.  I want to live my life with a purpose, and spend with a purpose.  I also want everything I own to serve a purpose in my life.

Join me as I start this journey  towards my financial freedom!



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